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Voice Telephony Services

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Provide automated customer support over interactive voice recognition, or route them to the appropriate agent or salesperson with click-to-call.

Voice Services

Voice-Enabled Technology

Businesses are using this voice-enabled technology and are loving it. Businesses that adopt this technology with time will avoid a late wake-up call in years to come. To create a voice call system that works, brands need to fully understand the intricacies of human communication. Consumers expect a certain level of fluency and a more conversational tone in which they’re interacting with it on a near-daily basis. Which words are used, how fast or slow they speak, tone of voice, and the brevity of speech also affect how someone relays a message or idea.

Our Services

Engage customers through seamless automation and start building solutions with our Voice API

Cloud Contact Center

Set up and manage your call center seamlessly on a single cloud platform and access it from anywhere across the world. Make sure your customers get the most out of their interactions with you in a cost-effective way. While you can integrate third-party software via the cloud easily, this will enable you to get valuable insights into customer conversations and data for a better result than ever before.

Virtual Numbers

Having a dedicated number for your business can greatly aid in expanding your market reach. A virtual number can often be used to route calls or text messages to the preferred agents, allowing them a quick and simple way of managing their incoming lines of communication – a great perk for those who may be working in a particularly busy environment. As such, this type of dedicated service is commonly found in call centers, customer support services.

IVR Solution

Automated IVR is a silent partner that offers business owners the opportunity to save costs on managing their call centers as it relieves them of the pressure of having to hire more agents or answer calls all by oneself. Callers can be interacted with and directed to speak with an agent when required, so businesses can better cater to their clients’ needs and effectively hit their KPIs.

Number Masking

Masking your phone numbers is an advanced data protection measure that protects a consumer or business client’s privacy while they’re searching for services. The call masking service varies upon size of the business or customer base and can help ensure trust, security and overall satisfaction once servicing requirements have been met.

Campaign Management

Tubelight Communication’s Campaign Management platform provides you with the tracking and retargeting tools you need to create repeat business or bring consumers back into the buying cycle. Gathering personalized information such as location, purchase history or demographics provides opportunities to target customers with the right message, at the right time.

Missed Call

A missed call solution helps businesses get back in touch with customers that don’t answer their phones. These might include missed calls that are not answered because the line is busy and calls done by a voice-mail system. Automation equipment can route these calls to available staff who can send an automated message, a live “voice bot” or speak to the customer via the IVR system.

Toll Free Number

You can reach out to your customers for free on your toll-free business telephone number. Make sure that your callers are seamlessly facilitated through the IVR feature and resolved in a timely manner by professional agents who will also answer any questions they may have about upcoming promotions you offer or events that tie into your services.

Inboud & Outbound Calling

An automated calling service is a tool for businesses of all sizes to place outbound calls, such as voice blasts. This produces an effect similar to that of an outbound call center software. Ultimately it automates the dialing process and several other features, including answering machines and integration with CRM databases, while providing agents with the option to click to dial specific numbers.

Verified Calling

A strong, solid brand foundation and identity can attract consumers to your business.Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have everything from your company name and logo, to a verification badge all the way down to your social media profile cover photos branded consistently so that you look genuine and established as a reputable company.

Click To Call

The click to call widget is a real time calling widget that can be configured in a website or a mobile app for customers to reach their businesses to get connected instantly. It aids businesses to allow their customers to reach their sales and support just by submitting their contact numbers so that they could get calls at the back end within seconds. You can also add pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, map listings, and anywhere else your brand is online.


By adding support for WebRTC to your features you’ll be able to interact with customers in real time and personalize their experience of your product. The technology allows you to make audio calls from your app, as well as record high-fidelity voice that comes out clear every time. Maximize the positive impact of your service on customer retention and increase the lifetime value of each user!

Smart Business Solutions

All In One

With Cloud you can empower your agents to move seamlessly between multiple channels of communication within one centralized, customizable interface.

Call Monitoring

Get in-depth per-agent analytics, including count of calls, Talktime, Call Status, No Answers, Failed Calls, IVR Answers,

Skill Based Routing

Callers can easily connect with their concerned department/agent basis their input in IVR menu.

Call recording

Customer conversations are automatically recorded and stored on cloud for future purpose.

Call reports

Check the number of your missed, attended, and outgoing calls agent and department wise.

Timely follow-up

Ensure effective follow-up on your missed customer calls with timely notifications of the same.

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