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Verified Business Caller ID

Adding SAFETY & EFFICIENCY to business communication

Verified Business Program

Caller ID

Presenting your brand & logo accurately

Green Highlight

Gives positive reassurance

Verified Badge

Guarantees safety


Restricts Name, Logo & Tag Edit by user Community

Call Reason

Communicate even before call is picked up

Key Features

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID has been designed with five distinct visual differentiators, to provide customers with the peace of mind that the incoming call is coming from a trusted source:

Detailed caller ID which contains a prominent brand logo and brand name that showcases the brand accurately.

Green background that provides immediate reassurance to customers.

Detailed caller ID that showcases the brand and company logo accurately, through a green highlight and verified badge to provide positive reassurance and customer peace of mind.

Protect that restricts the name, logo and tag edits by the user community.

Call reason that let’s customers know why they are being contacted.

Seamlessly onboard business phones and/ or cloud lines onto the Truecaller platform.

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