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Cloud based Solution with IVR

Ensure streamlined communication for delivery executives on the go, timely notifications to customers, personalized calling, automated feedback, surveys and much more. Elevate your logistics and delivery service on an automated omni-channel platform for refined customer experience.

Optimize your Operations Cost & Bring in Real-time Tracking

Cloud based Solution with IVR


  • Seamless Transaction
  • Tracking  not Possible
  • Communication a Challenge


  • Virtual numbers are configured in CloudAgent application for Missed calls feature and IVR outbound calls to Drivers/Callers.
  • CRM API end point is configured in application, to add the data into Dialer.
  • Dialer logic is written to play the dynamic values added & captures the inputs given by caller.
  • Multiple Campaigns (Dialer) are configured for each regional language/cities. This helps to play different values & recordings to respective city drivers. Reports can be filtered based on Campaigns.
  • IVR accepts the inputs , accept the job/reject /revise DID and share the same information to CRM application using API’s..
  • All calls are tracked/recorded in Reports. The same details are shared to CRM using APIs.

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