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The eCommerce sector in India is multiplying. It is no longer a tiny pond of few players but a massive ocean with multiple brands offering various products and services. From medicines and clothing to fitness equipment and furniture, everything is available online today. The e-com industry also witnessed massive growth during the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. This has made it evident that the eCommerce industry is here to stay, and it will only grow bigger and broader.

Cloud based Solution with IVR


  • Need to be connected to field Agent and Customers
  • Customer issues not being addressed and leading to non –productivity
  • No mechanism to get missed call data and connect back to them
  • Pressure to be available 24×7
  • Negative customer support complaints


  • Cloud based solution to receive inbound calls from any location using existing phones
  • IVR plays welcome message & and connects to Agents
  • Agents logs into Cloud Agent application and take calls on their Landline numbers
  • Agents can make outbound calls to Customers from Cloud Agent
  • Agents can Transfer the call to Supervisors/Other Agents from their logged in toolbar.

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