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Our SMS Features

Information, affirmation and happiness delivered anywhere - anytime.

Message Campaign

Dependable and quick conversations with the customer turns out to be progressively critical in the present business scenarios, together with the constantly expanding number of correspondence channels.

Message Polling

SMS Polling is the easy and speediest approach to discover what your gathering of people is considering. Requiring no unique equipment or programming, you can make a live survey in only a couple of moments. Your group of onlookers votes by sending a SMS or Web Voting from their gadget, PC or phone.

Two-way Communication

Two-way Communication is fundamental in the business world. Messages are transmitted between different stakeholders, an acknowledgement is required that the message was received and understood for p2p, opt in campaigns, contests, and customer support, to get messages you can buy a VMN, shortcode or keywords on our shortcode.

 Message Queueing

Send high volume of messages with a single API request. We queue your SMS messages and deliver them for you.

 Long SMS Concatenation

Messages longer than 160 characters are automatically concatenated (up to 1,600 characters) seamlessly on the user's end. No more lost messages or manual chunking.

 Real Time SMS Notifications & Logs

Fetch your SMS logs in real-time with our SMS API. Receive detailed information including message direction, message status, billing info, API log reports, and message time stamps, etc.

 Delivery Reports

Get real-time business intelligence from our live delivery reports for all your SMS text messages sent

 Unicode Characters

Our SMS API supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive SMS text messages in any language including Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic and 100+ other languages and symbol scripts.

 Personalized Sender ID

Brand your SMS messages by customizing your sender ID using Alphabetic six characters.

Use our simple API to give power to your mobile and apps

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor auth is an additional layer of security for your account to guarantee that you're the individual who can get to your data, regardless of the possibility that somebody knows your passcode.

Balance check

Use our API web interface to know your current balance anywhere-anytime. So you don’t run out of the gas when needed most.

Link Track

Get more from your SMS by advancing your message with linked URL. Connect it to online content and increase the value of your clients for better insight.

DLR reports

Get ongoing business insight from our real time reports for every one of your SMS instant messages sent.

Notification System

Send system alerts, appointment reminders or emergency notifications in bulk to all your customers via Short Codes using our SMS API.

Bulk Messaging

Simple Tubelight SMS API to broadcast thousands of messages to all of your users for events, invites, locations and more.

App Distribution

Quicken application invite by sending download interfaces straightforwardly to cell phones or enable clients to share the application by means of content sharing.

Cloud SMSC

Cloud SMSC, rich and proven feature set with the flexibility of rules-based service logic to provide a complete implementation of a network operator's messaging requirements. on-board SMS routing capability provide sustained quality of service for content providers and their customers, even in peak traffic situations. It is, also, an ideal solution for mass-volume text messaging applications such as mobile marketing and mobile promotion.


You can send and receive messages using webpost, Tubelight web-based SMS solution. Every account is automatically able to send messages. You just need to purchase credits for the amount of messages you want to send from your account.

Easily manage your services.


We’ll help you troubleshoot problems quickly and thoroughly.


Additional secondary accounts help you organize multiple applications or services.

Dashboard analytics

Get detailed insights on your campaigns, down to the recipient’s cellular network and country of origin.

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