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In communications, words are all we have, power ‘em up with our innovative voice solutions.

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Our Advance IVR

Advanced IVR is a voice menu system that allows dynamic flow creation, separation of calls and routing them to the agents defined without code


Have a customized IVR flow that welcomes your clients and connects them to the right person they want to talk to. Let your clients to pick whom they want to speak to on button press, press 1 for help.

Sound Artist

Upload a self recorded message or get professional voice over artist help. Thanks to smart phone just use any app for record message in your voice, they’ll love it.


Customize, edit, upload. check our codeless simple interface to create flow your business need. why wait for technical help or 3rd person when power is in your hand now.


No Code

We know how tricky it becomes when it comes to code sometime, even if it's just one line of code. We have covered that all for you. Our simple and innovative design solution has all you need to simple and easy flow creation.

Dynamic Flows

Upload a recorded file, a few drag and drops, select the agents you want your customer to connect when they call. Trust us.. It is that simple.

Manage Business Hours

Now your business is open to answer calls with automated voice response set when someone call you post business hours. Even you can’t resolve customer issue right then and there though they know now you care.

Automate Your Business Process

Automate Calls & SMS

Shoot a voice mail or a SMS automatically post business hours or for those cases when there is no person available to talk. Say voice message or sms against a miss call?

Automate Feedback

Streamline your feedback process by automatically capturing the response on press of a button. Are you happy with decisions to make all leaves taken as paid. Press 1 for ‘yes’.

Automate Customer Orders

Give a personalized message to your customer to confirm receipt of shipment sent on COD or take a new order with item number and billing addresss.

Key product features

  24×7 turnaround

Because in today's world no one has time to wait. Wait time has direct impact on your service quality.

  Professional voice

Getting a work done with a professional adds that extra edge that can a make significant impact.

  Superior service

Something in today’s world everyone love to have. Your customer value when they feel appreciated.

  Personalized experience

You’re getting something tailored to you. And because of that, it makes you feel better so it does for your customers.

  Call distribution

Distribute your call as per call flow best suits your business need, number you departments you have and type of business you are in.


Everyone loves word ‘brand‘. It is not that hard to make your business brand count. Excellent support on IVR is one way.

Let,s create something great together.