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Real Estate

The real estate industry is offering superior customer experiences online. Coupled with innovative problem solving and the right customer engagement tools, the new players are automating the connectivity between tenants and landlords effortlessly.

Lead Generation Exceedingly Better Engagement

Cloud based Solution with IVR Payment Gateway integration


  • Need of extensive marketing for affordable homes project
  • Customer communication to be effectives-Local Language preferred
  • All outbound/inbound call disposition reports required for analysis to understand the marketing campaigns are on radio and newspaper.


  • Customer can give Missed call to a Reliance Virtual number
  • An Instant IVR Outbound call back on Customer number is initiated from the system
  • Customer selects language option to hear the details/in respective languages
  • System tries 9 attempts – thrice a day if call is disconnected before call is completed on IVR
  • For all unsuccessful calls/IVR, auto dialer to initiate a call to the tele-caller and the customer and patch the call.
  • SMS is sent to Customer Phone numbers with relevant details (Thank you message, Site address details..)

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