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The key to effective deployment of AI in SaaS contact center solutions is natural language processing (NLP). NLP helps improve workplace efficiency and decrease human capital costs.

Increase conversion rate

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

For inbound calling, NLP helps intelligently route callers to the agents with the right skill set for the issues they are calling about. Intelligent routing produces faster resolution by matching agents and surfacing the right scripts.

NLP dramatically enhances interactive voice response (IVR) by recognizing a wide variety of responses rather than just a few phrase options. Studies have shown that most customers calling into a contact center are unhappy with typical IVR responses. More than 60% of consumers say typical IVR creates a poor experience. NLP solves this problem by giving consumers more options without forcing them into limited options.

NLP is being widely used in the industry for both inbound and outbound calls to make processes more efficient and create a more user-friendly customer experience.

The Benefits of NLP to a Contact Center

For a contact center, there are multiple benefits that serve both customers and agents in a variety of ways.

Customer Service

The typical way customers engage with NLP is when they reach a contact center’s auto-attendant. The auto-attendant interprets the speech.

Self-Serve or Automated Options

Directing these calls to an automated system that provides the information relieves the burden of customer support teams to handle low-level inquiries.

Agent Routing

Intelligent routing can direct calls to agents with the requisite level of experience necessary to answer queries. By interpreting consumer intent using natural language

Team Member Productivity

In a tight job market with high turnover, productivity is more essential than ever. Organizations using natural language processing also see significant productivity gains.

Omnichannel Support

Consumers are using multiple channels to contact companies more than ever before. Some customers will reach out across multiple channels


Since labor costs are one of the biggest expenses in any contact center, efficiency in handling contacts translates right to the bottom line.

Ways Contact Centers Are Using NLP

Auto attendants

Auto-attendants using NLP can quickly understand why customers are reaching out and provide a positive experience by getting them to the right place promptly

Agent Support

Once consumers express their reasons for making contact, NLP software rapidly provides the most likely solution to their inquiry. It reduces agent search time and speeds call

Call Record Data Analysis

NLP can also be used for call record data analysis. Rather than spot-checking calls for agents, your contact center software can deploy natural language processing.

Sentiment Analysis

It helps understand the emotions and feelings behind the way words and phrases are used. When agents understand the sentiment and deal with callers effectively.

Speech-to-Text Applications

Consumers are becoming more comfortable using speed-to-text applications in their everyday life. Every smartphone now has voice recognition and assistants.

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