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Speak the language of your customer

Relate better with all your target demographics by building conversations in various languages using

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AI, machine learning and the future of smart assistants

The future of computing is giving users what they want when they want it. However, individual behavior, needs, wants and desires are constantly changing, as are user devices and expectations. As a result, the personalized smart assistants of tomorrow must move beyond the pre-programmed services of yesterday. Today’s popular artificial intelligence must characterize individual behaviors over time.

Future personalization and prediction capabilities will require not only an understanding of past behavior and personal preferences, but also the ability to incorporate changes in these factors over time. Smart assistants will need to understand our behaviors, and potentially the motivations for our actions. Once this is accomplished, such assistants could make meaningful substitutions and suggestions for alternatives that fill the same need or desire.

Automate 60% of customer service workflow with Conversational AI

AI-powered voice bots & chat bots for businesses with proprietary NLP & NLU engines to deliver end-to-end customer service automation. The intelligent conversational AI virtual assistant and FAQ bots, in addition to customer service chatbots for a broad range of inbound and outbound use cases for Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Automotive, FMCG, etc., takes customer engagement to the next level.

High Availability

Ensure superior customer service that is available 24/7 for your customers

Zero Human Intervention

Drive top class customer engagement without human intervention

Easy Setup

Build, train and trigger bot-led interactions in minutes

Increase Revenue

Save up to 70% in opex and increase revenue by 20%

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