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Tubelight Communications for healthcare

Streamline your communication across all the stages of healthcare

SMS has a very high requirement in the health industry as it helps in providing appointment booking details, payment reminders, health tips, Providing medical reports, and many others.

Healthcare Experiencelike never before

Use Tubelight Communications services to send appointment updates, detailed medical reports, patient scan images and treatment sheets to a mobile phone. Issue scannable digital medical passes to hospital visitors and even loyalty vouchers that can be redeemed at select chemists.

Combine the Tubelight Communication’s Bulk SMS Service with Voice Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call service and Whatsapp Business API service to give limitless experience to your patients.

Empower your communications with tubelight communications

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications. Offering affordable goods.

Global Reliability

With a presence on hundreds of mobile network operators, we support global coverage and excellent service to connect you to your telecommunications needs.

Omnichannel Platform

Uniting all available communication channels by integrating data, technology, and communication across your business to enhance the brand experience.

Security and Reliability

Security breaches can cause data loss, service disruptions, and reputation damage that add to high costs for the healthcare sector.

Helping companies to build the future.

Develop Impactful Stories


Quick Resolutions

Provide quick resolutions to each patient’s queries regardless of the time of the day and the geographical location via chatbots. Establish a strong bond with your patients and win their trust.

Digital Consultation

Enable patients to virtually get in touch with doctors via voice calls, SMS or chatbots, so they can share their concerns and seek expert advice on time.

Appointment Confirmations

Send automated messages to confirm or remind about doctor appointments, and reduce missed consultations. Share results of medical tests instantly by integrating patient management software with our cloud solutions.

Prescription Updates

Send automated prescription updates to your patients via SMS messages and make it easy for them to remember dosage amounts and times. Remind them to refill their prescription when it is due.

Internal Communication

Notify your healthcare staff and admin teams about their shift timings and other time-sensitive information such as emergencies, OT wait-times, new patient registrations, and more via secure voice and messaging services.

Experience Evaluation

Efficiently run your business by sending a digital survey to your patients immediately after their appointment. Learn more about how you can improve and what patients think of what you’re already doing.

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