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Analyze 100% Customer Conversations to get 360-degree visibility for Unmatched Business Intelligence & Quality Compliance via cutting-edge AI, ML and NLP technologies

What is Speech Analytics?

As the name implies, speech analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract customer information and ultimately enhance corporate strategy. The information collected differs from one company to another. However, the most typical information collected by most organizations is keywords or key phrases, customer tone, customer sentiment, and so on.

Along with providing customer information, the speech analytics software also helps organizations in assessing agent performance. This technology is commonly used by firms dealing with customer support and service.

Key Features

Turn Call Center Data into Value for the Enterprise

How Do Speech Analytics Work?

Speech analytics is a series of processes that analyze call recordings and provide valuable information about customers as well as agents. The method starts with extracting conversation from the system. Then, metadata from the recording, such as the agent who handled the call, client details, the customer issue, date and time, and so on, are segregated.

Later, the call recording is converted to text or transcript, and audio signals such as agitation and silence are removed from the transcript to create a consistent structure. Finally, the speech analytics software analyzes the data and delivers rich insights such as the most frequently used keywords or key phrases, customer tone and sentiments, and more.

This is a brief overview of how voice analytics software works. However, keep in mind that each speech analytics software has its own process flow and set of functions.

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