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Explore our solution for education industry to communicate effectively with students, teachers, and parents alike and keep them updated about essential and time-sensitive information.

Harness the power of real time communications

Transform parent and student engagement for a better learning experience

Redefine student learning experience with real-time communication

Bulk SMS service helps the education sector automate their processes and day-to-day activities. As a result, there are better outcomes for students, faculty members and parents of the students being reached more easily.

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As an educational institution administrator do you struggle with the need to reach out to parents and students with the right information at the right time? Are you still sending printed memos and mass emails? With Tubelight Communications Omnichannel platform, you can send important information such as exam schedules, meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on classroom activities. You could even collect detailed feedback on school programs and initiatives. Go on! Build a happy, well-informed community of parents and teachers.

Automate Education

Ways in which Educational Institutions benefits

Market The Brand

In order to gain prospective students and encourage more enrollments, univesities are increasingly utilizing Bulk SMS services to advertise their school. This cost-effective option is an easy way to get the word out about your institute

Automated Messages

Send attendance alerts, birthday wishes and payment reminders by using Tubelight Communication’s robust technology infrastructure which ensures that texts are delivered at high speeds and have a very high delivery rate.

Attendance reports

SMS is the best channel for conveying parents related to the attendance of the students. All parents don’t have android phones but now almost everyone has a normal phone and with the help of SMS schools can reach out to anyone

Holiday/Cancellation notification

Students can be easily informed via SMS that classes are postponed/canceled. This can save their time of going all the way to their schools and then coming back which they can utilize in doing something productive. As everyone, nowadays, keeps their mobile phones with them 24/7, it is the best channel for delivering urgent information.

Progress Reports

Schools and colleges can use bulk SMS services even for sharing progress reports. Various times students and parents are not able to attend parent-teacher conferences due to some emergency situation, in such cases, sharing such information via SMS is truly a great option. In addition to that, students will have their reports on their phones.

Personalised Notification

From exam scores to classroom assignments, share personalized information with your students and teachers at one go with Textlocal merge fields. Messages can be composed in English or 20+ regional languages.

Automate Education

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