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The rapidly growing demand for online learning has pushed the education industry into embracing the new age of technology to improvise its services in offering a great customer support service nationwide.

With Tubelight Communications bulk SMS platform, you can send important information such as exam schedules, meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on classroom activities. You could even collect detailed feedback on school programs and initiatives.

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Cloud Based Contact Centre Solution – CloudAgent


  • Potential chased candidates are unaware of academic opportunities available to them
  • Enough outreach ratio but not enough connect ratio with candidates
  • Lack of efficient systems to automatically prioritize leads
  • Difficult to manage remote counsellors’ performances
  • Students & teachers need to communicate, but lack a secure channel that keeps their numbers private
  • Education institutes receive a burst of calls in a short time but lack communication infra to manage it
  • Lack of additional info in filling long admission forms lead to drop offs & incorrect form filling


  • Opex based Solution
  • OBD API integration with CRM
  • VN for individual counsellors with elastic channels for short periods.
  • Voice mail & emergency connect to mobile phone of off-premise teachers

Our Solution

A centralized solution for edutech industry

Go paperless

Solicit timely feedback

Say it with a picture

Simplify 2-way communication

Personalized notifications

Intelligent updates

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