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How to Build An Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey You Can Be Proud Of

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Voice of the customer (VoC) tools are essential for businesses looking to stand out from the competition, deliver the best customer experiences, decrease customer turnover, and increase customer referrals.Unlock rich insights into customer behaviour and drive business growth.

Increase conversion rate

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Customer surveys are an essential tool for gathering feedback on your brand experience. Unfortunately, many customers never complete surveys — and when they do, it’s often because they had a bad experience, which skews results. Consequently, survey analysis rarely tells the whole story.

CSAT uses the world’s most advanced AI engine to analyze conversations based on intent, sentiment, emotion, intensity, and time of reply. The results provide live feedback for agents, more accurate CSAT reporting, and escalate automatically to supervisors when a negative score is predicted. CSAT Prediction even surfaces past satisfaction scores for customers who open multiple cases, so agents can adjust their own scripts to drive better outcomes.

Key Benefits of Multichannel CSAT Surveys

Your contact center has a measurable impact on public perception of your brand. Modern Care takes guesswork out of the equation with AI-powered CSAT Prediction and automated CSAT surveys — delivering the data-driven insights you need to build better service experiences on all channels.

Immediate customer feedback

Increase customer participation by immediately presenting surveys after an interaction on the customer’s preferred channel.

Get feedback in context

Effectively analyze and develop improvement programs with CSAT findings that includes full campaign and agent metadata.

Automate important response

Use survey results to automatically trigger specific actions, like agent call back, to mitigate the impacts of a negative experience.

Workflow Integration

Automate customer surveys across so many channels.

Omnichannel survey builder eliminates the redundant work of creating surveys on a channel-by-channel basis — simplifying the work of hearing your customers’ voice everywhere conversations happen.

Don’t rely on agents to send surveys at their discretion: Tubelight Communications makes it easy to set system-wide conditions so you can survey customers on sentiment, order value, closed cases, etc. without bias.

Associate each completed survey with specific agents and cases for reporting on both — and access insights that can inform your decisions on improving agent performance and case management.

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